Tea Tonic G.L.E.W
Tea Tonic G.L.E.W
Tea Tonic G.L.E.W
Tea Tonic

Tea Tonic G.L.E.W

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G.L.E.W stands for Ginger, Lemongrass, Echinacea, and White Tea. Immune booster, anti-nausea, high potent antioxidant, great if you are prone to getting sick or feel the flu coming on.
Australia's healthiest tea range. Low Caffeine. Organic.

Travel pack:
1x G.L.E.W. Tea Travel Tin
1x  G.L.E.W. Individually Wrapped Teabag
2x Variety Individually Wrapped Teabags
1x Steel Mesh Infuser

 Loose leave:
200 gr G.L.E.W. Tea loose leave

 Tea bags:
20x individually wrapped unbleached tea bags